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During 2009, NewLife continued its support of Home of Grace and several other orphanages in India. Funds were used to complete work on an orphanage building, provide a retaining wall, purchase seeds for a vegetable garden, provide some operational funding, and purchase donation boxes to be placed at public locations for small cash donations.


NewLife continues to support a Christian ministry in Pakistan that provides both pastoral and humanitarian support to Christian weavers and their families. Bible reading rooms are also part of this support.


A pastor in the Philippines continues to receive support for his ministry in a very poor part of the country. Funds have been provided to develop land NewLife purchased for this ministry and general church maintenance.


NewLife is very excited about its continuing support of Christian pastoral conferences in Nepal where attendance has increased more than four times over during the last 3 years. Funds have been used for the conference, food, Bibles and Bible study material, clothing and Christmas gifts for a local orphanage. Go to NETWORKING FOR CHRIST - The Multiplier Effect on our Ministry Page of the website for the story and pictures of the most recent Conference.


As missionaries travel further into China to share the Bible, NewLife has helped to provide support. Sharing the Bible in these further reaches can be very dangerous and we support and admire those who choose to do this kind of mission work.

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