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The Multiplier Effect

For a number of years, NewLife has helped fund the project-oriented, short-term needs of Christian ministry.

In 1999 while helping an YWAM missionary in the Far East, we learned of Pastor Babu's ministry for orphans in Nepal. In 2002, when the ministry and orphans were asked to move by their Hindu landlord, Pastor Babu began to build Blessed Children's Home entirely on faith. Committed to help with remaining building costs, NewLife challenged the orphanage's supporters and our vendors to help provide matching funds to complete the building and supply much needed furnishings. The response was overwhelming and the orphanage subsequently completed. Since that time, NewLife has continued to help with the needs of this evolving ministry.

At the same time, we have also donated to a large number of other Christian ministries both here in the United States and abroad. One such ministry is Clear Creek Charts located in Jamestown, Kentucky, and directed by Bill Pfoff, Bible College professor/historian, and missionary. Periodically Bill has come to NewLife and provided an employee devotion about his work establishing churches and Bible colleges in Russia. During one of these visits, we spoke to him about Pastor Babu's leadership and ministry in Nepal, a country he had for some time wanted to visit, and a long-term connection was made.

As a result, for more than two years Bill and other educators have traveled to Nepal at least two times a year to provide Bible school and a Christian conference. The first Bible Conference had an attendance of about 600. When Bill returned this fall from his most recent trip to Nepal, it was to tell us that 11 students had graduated from the Bible school and attendance at the most recent Conference was 2,300 plus. He said plus because while they could account for 2,300 because of planned seating, many more in attendance spilled into side yards and other areas around the conference building. Miraculously, God provided seating, materials, lodging, and food for everyone in attendance.

What a blessing it is to be part of this ministry in Nepal. It is a wonderful example of how we can work together for the Kingdom of God, because each time we connect with other Christians, our world becomes a little smaller and more personal and God provides abundant opportunity for us to work together to accomplish His work.

Below are pictures from the 2009 Fall Bible Conference held in Hetauda, Nepal.

UPDATE - York, Pennsylvania

For almost nine years, NewLife has helped a small inner-city ministry in York, PA, called NewLife Ministries. From the original request to help repair an air conditioner destroyed in a hail of bullets to church classroom furniture and warm clothing for neighborhood children, NewLife continues to be moved by the dedication of Pastor Moses Smith and his wife, Mary, to the community and especially the children of York.

Over the years, the ministry has grown and merged with other ministries in the area to better provide for the people of the area, but the Smith’s devotion to service is as strong today as it was when they first contacted us in 2001.

Recently Mary told us that a local gang member took a NewLife donated shirt, turned it inside out, and put it on. She related, "Guess what! He landed in Moses class and remembers where he got the shirt!" It seems God always places us exactly where we need to be - even if we don’t think so. Mary asked that we pray for this young man.

We received pictures of some of the youth Mary and Moses work with wearing our "Rock" T-shirts on their trip to a local Christmas pageant. The ministry took over 40 kids and adults to this program, which was attended by over 1700 people.

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