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Group Member Questions

Can I order a different design than what is shown on the Shared Order?
When the Shared Order is set up, the design selected by the group leader is the only design that can be ordered with that specific Shared Order. If you'd like, you can order other designs on a separate individual order.
If I do not want my shirt personalized, can I still order with the rest?
If the Shared Order is marked for personalization and consists of 12 or more shirts, your shirt will be personalized the same as the rest. If you do not want your shirt to be personalized, you will need to place a separate order on your own account.
Can I get a different personalization than what is offered on the Shared Order?
Only one personalization is available per Shared Order, and that is determined by the group leader during the Shared Order set up.
Since I am entering my home address, will my order be shipped to my home or with the other orders?
All orders placed using the Shared Order program will be shipped together to the address set up by the group leader. Your address is only asked for billing purposes.
I don't have a credit/debit card, or I do not like using it online, can I still order?
To take advantage of the Shared Order system, all orders have to be entered online and paid by credit or debit card. We have the highest grade security and encryption in our checkout to protect your information.

If you are unable to pay by card, please check with another group member to see if they would include your items along with their order and let you pay them directly.
Can I use my PayPal account?
At this time, we do not have this program set up to use PayPal for payment.
Do I have to pay sales tax?
We collect sales tax on shipments where required by state laws. The tax will be determined by the shipping address entered by your group leader.
Do I have to pay shipping and handling?
A small handling fee is applied to your Shared Order, which helps cover the processing required as well as the shipment for the group.
If I missed the deadline, can I call and place my order?
Sorry, we will not be able to add additional shirts to the Shared Order after the deadline date.
Can I change my order after the deadline? Can I remove items?
We are not able to add additional items after the deadline. Please get with your group leader and ask them to contact us about other changes - however, there is a limited time window that we will be able to make edits.
Can I cancel my order?
Please ask your group leader to request cancellation information. There is a limited time window that we will be able to cancel orders.
How do returns work for a Shared Order?
We will only generate one Return Authorization per Shared Order. Contact your group leader immediately if you have any problems with your items so they can return everything at one time.

Leader Questions

How do I create a Shared Order?
Please click here to see our walkthrough in video or written form.

If you don't see the "Set Up a Shared Order" button, make sure you are logged into your account first; you should see "Welcome" and your name in the top right. If you see "Login | Register", your session has timed out - please login again.

If you still don't see the button, the design you are looking at may not allow a Shared Order. Shop items available for Shared Order here, or feel free to send us a chat and ask.
Can I offer more than one design at a time using Shared Order?
Each Shared Order can have only one design. You are welcome to set up multiple Shared Orders for each design you wish to offer.
Can I use this program as a fundraiser?
Shared Order is not designed to add a markup for fundraising at this time. If you would like to resell the shirts to your group at a higher price, please purchase them through the standard ordering process.
I forgot to set up the Shared Order and the deadline has passed, can I still do it?
Sorry, the Shared Order system is only available before the deadline date for that design. Contact us if you would like to be notified if the design you are interested in is offered again.
How can I access my Shared Order information?
If you are not logged in currently, click "Login" in the top right or on the mobile menu to do so.

Once logged in, you can click on "Welcome" in the same spot to access your Account menu. "Shared Orders" will be linked in the Shopping section.

You will see a list of all Shared Orders you have set up; click the number to see more details, including deadline, ship date, and who has placed orders.
Will you send a reminder about my Shared Order progress?
Reminders are sent at one week and one day before the deadline, if your Shared Order was created before those dates. If you didn't receive one, please check your spam or bulk folder; sometimes filters will automatically place these emails there.

Remember that you can log into your account at any time to check your status.
If someone in my group does not have a credit or debit card, how would they pay?
Feel free to include their items when you or another group member place their order and have them pay you directly.
I do not have the 12 piece minimum for personalization on my Shared Order. How do I get these personalized?
If the personalization minimum is not reached, the Shared Order will be saved as Unpersonalized by default.

If you still want to personalize it, call customer service as soon as possible after your deadline to see if personalization can be added. If so, the standard $20 screen fee will apply for personalized orders of less than 12, which will need to be paid at the time of calling.
If I have late orders after the deadline date, can I call and add them?
Sorry, we will not be able to add additional items to your Shared Order after the deadline date.
Can I change my order after the deadline? Can I remove items?
Please call customer service as soon as possible after your deadline to see if changes can be made. If you are requesting a change on behalf of another group member, please have their name ready when you call.
Can I cancel my order?
Please contact customer service for cancellation information.
How do returns work for a Shared Order?
We will only generate one Return Authorization per entire Shared Order. Please let everyone know to contact you immediately if they have any problems with their items, and once you have gathered everything, please call us with the names and items you wish to return.
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