Promotion Codes

Promo Codes are included in nearly everything we send by mail or email. If you need help finding yours, here are hints on where to look.

Only one promo code can be entered per order.

What does a Promo Code do?

Entering your promo code ensures that you get any special pricing or promotions shown in our ads.

We may also throw in some extra goodies for people with certain codes, and you don't want to miss out.

Postal Mail

The promo code is usually printed in red ink above your name and address on the mailing label.

If you received a letter, it will be in the body of the letter.


If you click a link in an email you receive from us, the promo code may be filled in for you automatically. If not, it is also usually displayed toward the bottom of the email near the deadline date.

No Promo Code?

If you have not received anything from us, subscribe to our email list for special promotions and discounts on future items!